Stand aside Mojito and Moscow Mule; the Caipirinha is the Drink of the Gods.

The Caipirinha. Brazil’s gift to the cocktail loving community of the world.

I very well may be behind on this, but really I did not know it existed until I went to Rio de Janeiro. And let me tell you, this drink is what life should taste like. There is a recipe below for those of you who can’t wait to try it! I cannot wait any longer to have one either actually.

Here is the thing though, in order to do this right, and have the full Caipirinha experience, you are going to need to go to  Rio di Janiero.

No big deal right? I mean, I understand if you cannot do that immediately. That is why I have provided the recipe for you to practice drinking Caiparinhas before you get there! But, put it on your bucket list. Make a trip to Rio. Believe me: you will not regret it. I will follow with another post about how FANTASTICAL Rio is and what you will do once you get there and have a couple of Caipirinhas.


Rio sugarloaf view on beach_635959675901273832_Afterlight_Edit


So let’s imagine you are in Rio de Janeiro.

Now head to the beach. My suggestion? Ipanema. Cococabana is great too… but I love love loved Ipanema. It has an amazing view of Sugarloaf Mountain, soft sand, big waves, and I had a lot of fun watching locals do their thing. Now I suggest you go rent a chair from the locals. You can do this on the beach. Then they will ask you if you want a drink. The options are beer or a caipirinha. GET THE CAIPIRINHA!  Now go lay down and relax in your beach lounger, listen to the huge waves crash up against the sand, soak up the sun, and watch local Brazilian men play soccer and walk on tightropes.

Rio di Janiero

While you are relaxing have an elderly Brazilian woman will make your scrumptious drink. She puts some magic in hers… I do not have any idea how the locals make them SO GOOD. But here is the recipe for you to try! Just channel your inner elderly Brazilian woman and you’ll be fine I bet.


  •  2 shots Cachaca: A delectable Brazilian liquor made from fermented and distilled sugar cane. (It is pronounced ‘KA SHA SA’ in case you were wondering.)

  • 1 lime (cut into 4 wedges)

  • 2 teaspoons sugar

  • ice (crushed it better I think)

  • an Old Fashioned glass… like a rocks glass

  • a pestle (like from a mortar and pestle set) or a muddler… or like a wooden spoon will do.

Now muddle the lime and sugar in the bottom of the glass. This is essentially squishing it a lot and mixing it together. Add the ice, add the Cachaca, and drink up!

That’s it! Sounds easy enough right?  Now just sit back and soak in the Brazilian air, and enjoy! And maybe I’ll see you there… I have an itch to get to Ipanema all of the sudden…

Let me know what you think about your new drink and check out my other posts about Rio de Janiero! And when you get to Rio, because you really need to, I would love to hear about your Caipirinha experiences! (And other experiences of course!)


Sarah Shiba





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