My 5 Fave Macaron Spots in Paris (And some other desserty wonderfulness.)

Ohhhhh macarons! Those adorable pastel colored confections are as beautiful as they are delicious. And they have officially captured the heart of this dessert connoisseur.


Macarons are, for those of you may not be up to date on the dessert trends, the dolce of the moment. They are basically the cupcakes of 2016. (Cupcakes are so 2014… but don’t worry cupcakes I will always love you!) I really do not consider macarons a trend though. These exquisite and colorful little cookies have been around for a very long time, and are definitely here to stay.

Being officially the most difficult and skilled cookie to make, macarons are as much a work of art as they are a sweet treat. They are displayed in beautiful and meticulous rows of colors and flavors, making themselves even more enticing, and they melt in your mouth. It is literally impossible to buy just one macaron. You always need an entire box. (To try all the flavors and to play with them of course because they are the prettiest.) 

So While in Paris, I decided to take it upon myself to further pursue my passion for macarons. I sought out to find the ultimate in macarons, the mac daddy if you will. (Yup pun intended.)

I ate SO.MANY.MACARONS. One may think I would be sick of them. But nope. NEVER! I did, however, move one step closer to achieving my goal of becoming a macaron Connoisseur. And I discovered some other noteworthy confections in the process!




Here are my choices for the top 5 Macaron spots in Paris:


1| Macarons Gourmands by Yannick Lefort

This charming little purpley shop in Paris’s Latin Quarter offers up a seriously overwhelming macaron experience. The cookies are all made in-house by hand each day, which is surprisingly rare for macarons today. The colors and textures of these sweet treats are unique and exciting, and the range of flavors is as wide as they come. This place has so.many.flavors! There is even a variety of savory flavors to choose from, like Tomato Basil and Foie Gras. The pineapple macaron was my fave; absolutely the freshest tasting macaron I had in while Paris!






2| Angelina

Famous for their delectable hot chocolate, Angelina is somewhat of a legend in Paris. And rightfully so! The hot chocolate is completely incredible; rich and creamy and OH SO chocolatey! But, while the hot chocolate may be the draw here, the desserts should absolutely not take a back seat to the hot chocolate; especially the macarons. These were some of my favorite macarons in Paris. They feature mainly traditional flavors, making each flavor perfectly. The Framboise (raspberry) macaron here was incredible – the best I had in Paris, and the Mont Blanc is a must try! This place just does it right. And by ‘it’ I mean everything. I may or may not have visited several times throughout my week-long stay in Paris. 😉






3| Pierre Herme

Quite possibly one of the most famous macaron destinations in the world, Pierre Herme absolutely lives up to the hype. What makes them super unique is the combinations they put together for their macaron flavors. The pairing of colors in one cookie is amazingly beautiful, and the combination of flavors for each macaron is perfection. Some of their flavor combos include: pistachio and raspberry compote, milk chocolate and passion fruit, and salted butter caramel with mango compote and coconut. They also feature a rose and rose-petal flavored macaron that is super unique and wonderful!





4| Ladureé

Ladureé is easily the most beautiful sweet shop I have ever seen. The glamorous vintage decor at Ladureé makes you feel as if you have stepped into a story book, complete with colorful boxes and ribbons to take your treats in. Their macarons were excellent, as was to be expected. The chocolate-lavender flavor was awesome, as well as the salted butter caramel and the passion fruit. However, the chocolates were a new discovery for me, and kind of stole the show. Their individually sold chocolates, in the shape of a cameo, are exquisite. They melt in your mouth and come in tons of mouthwatering flavors, from dark chocolate and salted caramel to orange blossom and even strawberry mint. I would definitely recommend trying the macarons here, but do NOT pass up those chocolates! They will not disappoint. My ultimate goal is to someday decorate my home exactly like this place; complete with the macarons and chocolate of course! 






5| Michel Cluizel

Michel Cluizel is a world renowned chocolateir, but of course their macarons were also great! While not the absolute best in the city, these macarons offer a beautiful balance of flavors. And they are made from 100% natural flavors and colors, so that’s cool. They are fresh tasting and light in texture and flavor, and certainly worthy of the #5 spot on my list!


So, if Paris is your destination of choice, do not miss these 5 lovely little confectionaries! I narrowed it to 5 so it would be attainable for anyone who visits! (Provided you are looking to eat a lot of macarons.) And please please let me know any other great places I didn’t get to experience so I can add them to my list for next time!



There will, of course, be more to come soon on Paris desserts, because there is always a need for more sweets!




But until next time, from one dessert lover to another, Thank you for reading and Happy macaron hunting my friends! xoxoxo ~Sarah


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