26 Reasons Tokyo is The Shit

What’s that you say? You haven’t been to Tokyo?! Well I am going to request that you stop messing around and get to Tokyo immediately.

Tokyo is by far the most captivating, vibrant, brilliant, and bizarre city I have ever experienced. There is really no explaining it. You just have to see it for yourself. So instead of trying to explain the weird world that is Tokyo, I have decided to give you 26 awesome reasons why this city really kicks ass.


1.)  Tokyo has its very own VERY unique fashion sense.

Tokyo is really a different world when it comes to fashion. It is wild and wacky, and it does what it wants. Their colors are vivid, their combinations are questionable, and they are completely comfortable in their choices. I greatly admire their freedom of expression, and thoroughly enjoyed observing it throughout the city.




2.) The cool people in Tokyo slurp their noodles.

Slurping is key in Tokyo. If you want to fit in, you must master the slurp. I did not ever get there sadly. You may think this is weird, and so do I. But in Tokyo, it is totally normal and the cool thing to do!



3.) Tokyo has its own awesome fancy Starbucks drinks

Yes. They have special awesome flavors and frappucinos that we never get to see! Devastating for us here, yes. But a great reason to go to Tokyo lots of times? Absolutely.

Tokyo Starbucks


4.) The Tokyo Tower is like a colorful Eiffel Tower!

Anyone who knows me is aware of my obsession with Paris and the Eiffel tower. So you can imagine how excited I was to see ANOTHER version of the Eiffel tower in color! It is big and beautiful, and brings the Tokyo Skyline to the next level. This view is from the upper level of the Mori Gardens in Roppongi Hills. The Mori Gardens are a BEATUIFUL little oasis in the city. There is also an art museum and shopping in the vicinity… so it was pretty much my cup of tea.


IMG_2533 (2)

5.) There are SO MANY PEOPLE. And they happen to be the most orderly, polite, and disciplined people around.

People in Tokyo utilize public transportation far more than us. This also involves a decent amount of walking. In other places I have been to, in the US and abroad, a lot of people in one place can spell chaos. But not Tokyo! In Tokyo, they are incredibly organized in their movement, and polite! They know the correct side to pass someone on, and the appropriate side to stand on the escalator. They know where to look while they are walking, and where to hold their umbrella so as to not poke anyone’s eye out. And they actually abide by these guidelines. So it works flawlessly. Amazingly!

Tokyo Shibuya

Tokyo Shibuya

6.) There are trucks that drive around Tokyo and sing.

They sing loudly. And drive very fast and rather dangerously. A fantastic form of marketing I think. Not going to lie I was pretty impressed by these.



7.) They LOVE cute things. Everything cute.

Seriously. SO MANY CUTE THINGS!! All of their advertising features animated cutie characters instead of normal people. Everywhere you look in Tokyo you see something adorable. I am really into cutie things, so this was fantastical! I just agree with Tokyo; I think life is far more enjoyable when it’s filled with cuteness!



8.) Everything comes in a fish flavored version. Everything.

Ok so maybe this should be on another list… called weird shit about Tokyo. Why must they have fish flavored everything you ask? Please let me know if you find out.





9.) The grocery stores in Tokyo are wondrous and magical places.

I could have spent a significant amount of my time in Tokyo at different grocery stores. Many are in the basement of department stores, and they are HUGE and loaded to the brim with all kinds of strange and beautiful food. There are hundreds of amazing little food stations with delicious and alluring pastries, sushi, cooked Japanese dishes, candies, and more! It would literally take a person days just to stop at everything to look at it. Seriously. Maybe I’m a cheap date, but I’ll hang out all day in a grocery store in Tokyo and be totally content.

Tokyo octopus tokyo grocery_635959914116078409_Afterlight_EditTokyo    Tokyo



10.) They fucking LOVE Disney.

I also love Disney. But they REALLY get into it. We went to Tokyo Disney Sea. (Which btw was awesome.) So I have decided that this is what they do: they cash out all of their savings on the way to Disney. Then they buy EVERY PIECE of paraphernalia they can possibly find in the gift shop for a certain Disney character. Then they put ALL of it on and they walk around the park.

Except these girls… they must have had too much Disney for the day.

Tokyo Disney



11.) There is a Kit Kat Chocolatory. With all of the crazy and creative Kit Kat flavors you could imagine!

Let’s face it. It does NOT get much cooler than a Kit Kat Chocolatory. With ALL different flavors of Kit Kats! And a Kit Kat chandelier! And its in a basement! (The basement of Seibu in Ikabukuro.)

They always have different flavors, so you never know what you will get. But get there EARLY! They sell out always.

Some of their awesome flavors are: Cherry blossom green tea, strawberry maple, cream cheese, soy sauce, berry wine, golden peach, custard pudding, lemon vinegar grilled corn, baked potato, yubari melon, wasabi, caramel macchiato mcflurry, ginger ale, lemon cheesecake, purple sweet potato, Japanese chili, and red bean sandwich. Pretty fantastical right?! Time for a Kit Kate break I think.

Tokyo Kit Kats

Tokyo Kit Kats



12.) Tokyo has the fanciest, most expensive, perfect fruit.

It is apparently customary to give fruit as a gift in Japan, but it must be the absolute most perfect piece of fruit. We’re talking blemish free, as well as flawless in shape, size, texture, and color. Even the stalk coming out if it must be perfect! There are apples, oranges, grapes, and many other fruits. Melon seemed to be very popular. I was not aware of  this custom, but I was truly fascinated by all of the fancy fruit!

The exquisite piece of fruit comes in its own fancy little velvet lined box, with usually some tulle or silk and a fancy bow on it. So the fruit itself is perfection, the presentation is the fanciest, but the wildest aspect of this fancy fruit? The PRICE!! For example, the melon in the photo below costs 12960 Yen… which is approximately $130 US dollars. Not sure about everyone else, but that is a little out of my melon budget. Think I’ll stick with Trader Joes for now.

Tokyo Fancy Fruit

Tokyo Fruit


13.) The fish is the freshest in the world.

It does NOT get much more fresh than witnessing the sushi chef pull the live fish out and cut its head off in front of you. That was actually super traumatizing for me. But I suppose also goes a long way in proving how very fresh the fish is. Most fish around the world originates in Tokyo. The Tsujiki fish market is the largest in the world, and is quite an experience in itself!

When you end up going, here is how it goes. The sushi chef will feed you fish. You eat it. The end. And even though I very discretely wiped the wasabi off under my chair so as to not be rude, (I hate wasabi a lot), the fish was completely unreal and wonderful! Except for the squid. Squid is not my thing. But I was determined to immerse myself fully in the experience… so I ate what was handed to me and smiled. It was definitely worth it. Also, apparently I did not take any photos of the sushi.. so here is a giant crab restaurant.



14.) The Robot Cabaret restaurant.

Yup. A Robot Cabaret. An obnoxiously flashy restaurant where the sexy robots put on a show for the guests while they eat. Located in the red-light district of Kabukicho in Shinjuku, and you can literally not miss it. We did not have the pleasure of attending a cabaret show, or a robot fight is really a better way to describe it I think. But just by viewing the robots and the insanely decorated room, you can imagine the bizarre and intense experience. We are definitely going to attend a show next time we are in Tokyo. Just to get the full sensory overload experience.

Tokyo Robots


15.) Perpetual. sensory. overload.

Are colors brighter in Tokyo? Is the music louder? Are the smells more intense? Pretty sure the answer to all of these questions is yes. And then just to intensify your over-stimulation, all of it comes in extreme doses simultaneously. There is loud music playing on most streets, bright, lit up signs piled high on top of each other, all of the Japanese food smells, and a billion people everywhere to walk through. It actually doesn’t seem real at times. But the experience is one you will not find elsewhere. Tokyo




One of my absolute favorite places in Tokyo is an enormous store called Loft. It is 7 floors of wonderous artsy and awesome random trinket fun! Really though, they have everything you could possibly imagine to make your life more complete.. from fantastical stationary, to super neato kitchen gadgets. And these ridiculous awesome tiny little scenes with the tiniest paper cutouts I have ever seen! Really. Only to be assembled by tiny fingered people.

tiny guys_635941583418612731_Afterlight_Edit

IMG_2525 (2)

But, THE STICKERS! I firmly believe that the kid in all of us loves stickers. My kid self loves them the most. There is every freaking kind of sticker you could ever want ever in your life at this place. They have embossed stickers, sparkly stickers, geographical stickers, cuddly animal stickers, fuzzy stickers, tiny stickers, googly eyed stickers, food stickers, hobby stickers, you get it. All the stickers.

I probably spent a total of 15 hours total in this place. I made Yaron go back every day. It was kind of a problem. BUT, needless to say, I have acquired enough stickers to make it until I get back to Tokyo.


17.) In Tokyo, it’s cool to wander around town dressed as Anime characters. All the time.

No Comic Con. No one seems alarmed. Or intrigued. Or blinks an eye. They do love their Anime. So I guess this is normal? They get into it. And it’s amazing.



18.) The gardens!!

Who doesn’t love a Japanese Garden?! Throughout Tokyo, right in the midst of the over-stimulating busy city, there are beautiful parks and gardens. We went to the Botanical Gardens near the Tsujiki market, and not only were the gardens gorgeous, it was a nice little break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The gardens were gorgeous, and I enjoyed soaking up some zen before venturing back out into the intense energy of the city.


Tokyo botanical gardens


19.) The toilets in Tokyo have a special button you can press to make a flushing sound without actually flushing.

Why would you ever need this? Good question. Maybe if you’re making some crazy noises and you don’t want your neighbor to hear them? Truthfully though, the toilets in Tokyo are by far the most technologically advanced toilets I have ever seen. Using the restroom is an experience in itself! Also, I feel kind of like an 8 year old boy saying this, but I am fairly entertained by the graphic representing the bidet option.

Tokyo Toilet

20.) There are designated smoking boxes that are confined and away from everyone.

Why don’t we have these yet?! They are freaking genius! I mean, who wants to hang out in a little box with their own smoke? I bet it cuts down on smokers and it does this while keeping the smoke away from everyone else. Because it’s gross.

Tokyo Smoking Box


21.) Tokyo has the most BEAUTIFUL food.

Perfectionism is the standard in Tokyo. This applies to their food especially. From sweet to savory, each piece of a dish is flawless. It is all placed in a perfect arrangement, and maybe even brushed with something to make it look shiny? Not sure about that one, but I’m pretty convinced. Food art.

Tokyo Food


22.) There are impromptu parades in Toyko.

Like shoving cars out of the way parades. Singing in Japanese. Dressed up and carrying a giant trophy? Tokyo brings a new definition to the word spontaneous. I can’t say a whole lot more about this, because I had NO IDEA what the hell was going on.




So you think crepes are a French thing huh? Well Tokyo takes crepes to another level. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE crepes in France! But, these are very different. Very extravagant. Very over the top. Just like everything Tokyo does.

One great area to get crepes in Tokyo is Harijuku. There are tons of great crepe places there, and an incredibly overwhelming amount of flavor combinations to choose from! I got a banana and Nutella crepe… (that is my fave flavor in Paris.) It was obviously VERY different from a Paris crepe! It was huge and obnoxious, piled with whipped cream, and insanely delicious.

Tokyo Crepes


24.) Restaurants have fake food outside to show you what your food will look like.

This could be a good idea and it could be weird. Or both. Either way, kind of interesting I think…

Tokyo food



25.) Even the Grafiti is insanely beautiful.

EVERYONE that inhabits Tokyo takes pride in this city. So much so, that while defacing property they do so in a tactful and beautiful manner. I am a believer that graffiti is an art form. I think that in most cases, graffiti just adds color and eccentricity to the environment. With that said, there is certainly a decent amount of graffiti that is NOT art. In Tokyo, they proudly decorate their city with the art that is graffiti.




26.) The rain doesn’t phase anyone…it actually adds to the beauty of the city.

They have an impressive skill when it comes to rain in Tokyo. They are able to ALL walk with umbrellas at the same time, and not poke or run into anyone! Many people have clear umbrellas for this reason, however, they are so organized and orderly by nature, that it just sort of works. It is also a surreal sight to see; all of those people, all of those umbrellas, and no catastrophes! And beautiful too!





So there you have it! 26 Reasons Tokyo is the shit. It truly is the most flamboyant, extraordinary cities you will ever see. Share your thoughts! Tokyo is a magical place, so I would LOVE to hear about any awesome discoveries you have made or comments!


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